Need help!

  1. I'm about to do my first role play(were you take a disease and do a little act about it)
    the problem is that the girls that working with me are giving me no help!!
    we'll be doing role play about hypokalemia and i have done almost all the work i really could use some help.
    First i wanna know pt with hypokalemia able to talk and expalin his/her condition(saying the s/s) or not.
    i also wanna know waht nursing diagnosis should i do i mean i have write about 2

    1-Altered nutrition less than body requirements R/T decreased potassium intake, anorexia, nausea ,vomiting.
    Risk for injury R/T muscle weakness

    i know it's not enough,the thing is i don't have time it's this monday
    so i really could use a little help about diagnosis and intervention.

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