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Hi All - I am a new nursing student, just shy of two months into my program in NYC - Recently, I've learned that although I have never had an issue with the sight of blood or needle sticks in general... I apparently get... Read More

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    Thanks so much, everyone, for your comments and the likes. This forum has served as a really helpful tool for me through these bouts of self-doubt. It's so reassuring to know that I am not the stand-out and that all of these things that I am experiencing are just part of the process.

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    Thank you everyone for your comments. I feel alot more confident starting uni next year!

    I am starting a bachelor of paramedicine/Bachelor of Nursing (dual course) next year, and I am so anxious about starting next year-as I have a tiny weakness when it comes to the sight of blood! I have fainted many times in the past because of blood.. I really hope I can get past this!

    I feel am wired to be a paramedic! so very passionate about it. I'd just hate to think that I couldn't do what I feel I've been put on this earth to do because of something I cant control!
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    Hey NikkiJo,

    I've been following all sorts of PBISN threads for a while. In April I was accepted into the Jan 2014 evening program. I have been trying to locate anyone who is/was in the evening program, but there doesn't seem to be many.
    Anyway, I'm sure you are swamped, but I was hoping you could offer any insight into the evening program. I'm dying to speak with someone first-hand about the challenges.
    Any advice would be great!
    Lastly, I hope your time at PBISN has been a wonderful experience and best wishes on your upcoming graduation!

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