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Any tips on how to handle this class? I heard it's suppose to be very difficult and I'm taking 2 other classes this semester. I'm a little nervous about this class but excited about my new career path that this is all leading to.... Read More

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    Thanks!! I've been studying and reviewing a little bit every day so I'm hoping that will help me. I really want to get an A in this class! Cross your fingers!

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    So today in Micro lab, I learned about simple, acid-fast and gram stains. It all went over my head and it didn't help that I didn't pick up on it right away like the rest of my lab group. I was definitely struggling the whole time and am definitely going to have to go to open lab this week to practice on my gram stains because I have a practical on it next week. It was definitely a frustrating four hours. Any tips, hints or suggestions are welcome. I love the lecture but the lab, not so much.

    On a happy note, I'm doing well in the lecture and I am confident that I will do well on my first exam next week. Crossing my fingers for an A!!!!
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    [QUOTE="Future_Chief_CRNA;7155223"Any tips, hints or suggestions are welcome.[/QUOTE]

    1) Take your time / follow the times for staining.
    2) Don't let your slide get too close to the flame while fixing your slides - you'll be able to quickly see the difference between brown and purple.
    3) Do not be intimidated to be 'slower' than your lab mates. Even when I took micro the second time around I was one of the last ones done. It can be a great time to talk with the professor about not only the class but other things as well...never know when/if you might need them as an academic reference.
    4) Practice, practice, practice.
    5) Slides fresh out of the flame are hot. And they hurt like a @@@@@ when you touch them. So grab a drink of water or get supplies before you touch the slide again.
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    Loved my micro class!! I had to take it hybrid, so it was half online, half in lab. But it was very interesting and I had a great time. Also made a great grade!!
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    Did anyone use this book to study?

    Clinical Microbiology Made Ridiculously Simple: Mark Gladwin, William Trattler: 9781935660033: Amazon.com: Books

    I feel that this book is more helpful to med students as it has info that we don't even cover in class... suggestions? I'm reading the PDF version and I'm following a little better than my book since it's broken down.

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