Is this a Med Error? I have been kicked from clinical. Help - page 3

I' am in my last quarter of nursing and I was recently failed for my clinical portion 2 days from graduation. I looked into a MAR to see if a client could have a narcotic. Turns out the client had 10 min befor she could get it.... Read More

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    The MAR and then the NARC book. But her issue was me not having the MAR out and ready for her to see. I have done it this way all thru school without correction or complaint, if the nurse/teach would ask then I would get it but they have always said the only thing they were doing is verifying the count.

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    No, we pass all meds, injections, Tx, etc. We only have to have Narcs cosigned, and insulin double checked. We are training to be nurses so they want us to do everything on our own, with supervision of course, so we know what we are doing when we get out there.
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    Our professors can't obtain or cosign narcs for us, we have to have the primary nurse do it. The nurse or instructor can only cosign meds THEY personally pull for us, and we have to have the MAR in hand for them to verify. MARs have to be checked against the doctor's orders. Or else it is a med error. For any med errors, we get a "RED CARD", a nasty form of shame that we have to fill out in the nursing office at school. I have heard 3 red cards and you're out. However, you can fail the clinical and most definitely the semester, even get kicked out of the program, at their discretion, for any incidence of "unsafe practice", which I guess could include a med error. The only stories I have heard where people actually got kicked out, were because the patient sustained actual and severe bodily harm as direct result of the student's actions or failure to act.
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    when I was in school, I couldnt remove meds without my CI or the RN I was working with that day. So signing it out of the MAR/doing the NARC book by my lonesome would have been the offense.
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    Just and update, I wrote the Dean to reverse the decision to kick me out, she denied my request. So now I'm appealing to the VP of my school, hopefully having someone on the outside looking in will help me. I talked to my fellow classmates and other people in the nursing program and this was never a policy that anyone has ever beed trained on and now they are going around to each class telling them about the "old" policy that they are now expected to follow. #ifonlynursingcreditstransfered

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