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  1. Hello. I went and paid tuition today and asked if the syllabus was ready. Terri is still working on it and said that when it is ready she will mail us a letter that says to come and pick it up. I asked her if I could have a peak at it because I am wanting to know where to start reading ahead. She looked up the info and gave me enough to do for this week. Here is what she gave me:

    1530: Taylor, clinical - chapter 4 and 9
    Taylor, fundamentals - chapter 27 and 39

    1520: Wilson - chapters 1 and 2
    Taylor - pages 83-87; 221-223; 505-527

    She was having trouble finding the first page for 1510. All of that should come in the packet sometime next week, but if you are as anxious as I find myself, the info for 1530 is priceless since we have that class first anyhow.

    I hope you are as thrilled with this info as I am. HAPPY READING!!!
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    For those of you who are scouring the site looking for somewhere to begin because you won't get your syllabus until class starts I wanted to clarify the above post.
    I know how you feel that was me yesterday.
    The topics that we are starting with are: Asepsis and Infection Control along with Medication - administering, adding to an iv solution container, administering iv bolus and push , infusions, etc. Not the drugs themselves, but how to give them. Hope that helps.

    FYI - I noticed that a few other newbies had mentioned the same topics so I think that is a good place to start if you want to pre read. Sorry if I disappointed anyone with the original post. I want to be helpful...