Just passed my first quarter of nursing school!!! Who else?

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    I just have to post this! I really didn't think it was going to happen, I worked my butt off with only one day off every week, between school and work i just didn't think i could do it...but I did! I still have a while to go but I'm feeling amazing!

    I got high B's in both classes and it just feels awesome...I struggled a lot but i never gave up and i am so proud of myself, Thanks to everybody whos helped me along the way!

    And who else has passed their first quarter/semester of nursing school this fall and is feeling good? Feel free to brag and lets celebrate together!!!

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    I just wanted to say congratulations!! I haven't started my first semester yet but I hope to post something like this when I pass.
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    I have 3 more weeks left in my frist semester.......and I can NOT wait for it to be done! I have struggled this whole semester with my nursing classes, and especially with Patho (that class is the death of me!). I bet it feels wonderful getting good grades and seeing all of your hard work has paid off! Congratulations!
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    I'm almost there. I have two weeks to go but will return to celebrate with you. In the meantime congratulations and keep up the good work.
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    Have 3 more weeks of class. Nursing Exam and Final Exam left. Right now I have a C with big dreams of being a B. I am going to work hard so I can post the same good news of a B.
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    Congrats!!! 3 more weeks for me and I'll be done with 1st semester. Its been so tough and emotionally draining. I can't believe its coming to an end soon (thank god!!). I have a high B now and if I do well on my next 2 exams I might be able to pull off an A!
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