Is there hope to get into a ABSN??

  1. So this is my third time applying to Accelerated BSN's and going through the forum, honestly only makes me feel more discouraged. I graduated with a 3.0 exactly, and have A's in A & P, a B in Micro and a C in Chem [which some of the schools don't even look at] Am I out of my league???

    I know this is what I want to do more than anything. But all I keep reading is I had a 4.0 in pre-req's and a 3.6 in undergrad...

    So is there hope? Anyone have similar grades and get in somewhere? I've been told I have killer references, and a pretty good essay, and I have some healthcare experience.

    Any comments or suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!!
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  3. by   Badger4lfe262
    There is an accelerated bachelors to BSN program at Oklahoma City University. It is rather pricey but they accept everyone who applies that meets their standards. The only standard you don't meet is they require a B in your last Chem class so you may have to retake it. If you are really serious about nursing and cannot get in anywhere else this is always an option if you retake that class. I am graduating this May so if you have any other questions let me know I did the BBSN route and thought it was great.
  4. by   allieboballie
    thanks so much! i'll look into it... a sub problem is I'm in switzerland right now, so I can't really take any classes from here, so i'll keep my fingers crossed I get into a program that starts Jan '11 !
  5. by   mld1980
    I had a 2.9 undergrad GPA, however I took 37 credits before applying to all my schools (total of 11 classes) and received straight A's in all of them--bringing up my GPA to around a 3.2 cumulative. I had approximately 125 volunteer hours at a hospital, a reference from my volunteer coordinator, and a reference from each my biology and microbiology professors. I got into 3 ABSN programs, waitlisted for 2, and denied for 3 (the 2 I were denied to were all state schools, and probably what I originally considered the "easiest" to get in to. The 3 schools I did get into all offered interviews).

    I don't think the B would hurt you, but the C might. I would retake it, if possible.
  6. by   Noelani
    I got in to Saint Louis University's ABSN program with a 3.3. I had a C in Chem 1 but a B in Chem 2 and an A in the lab. I also managed to fail Calc 2 the first time (A the second time). Not a pre-requisite, but it's still on the transcript I had to send in. It too is pricey (typical private school tuition) but it's supposed to be a pretty good school. Good luck!