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I'd really like to be a nurse, but I do have a bit of a needle problem...I don't like to get shots or watch it be done. Is this something that can easily be overcome after learning the technique or with practice?... Read More

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    Sock Monkey - I was just cringing reading about you're wound care experience...its great that you can isolate a reason and focus on that (the room being warm) and overcome you're squeemishness that way.

    Gpatry - I don't think this will be you're downfall. I think you can get used to the squeemishness for the poop and vomit. I used to gag right along with the kids I'd take care of in our home daycare and not be able to clean them up, and changing diapers could sometimes be really gross, but after working with the daycare kids for awhile, and then having my own kid, I can now be eating a sandwich or something and someone else's kid will throw up, and I can still keep eating. Or my kid throws up, and I grab him real quick so he'll puke on me instead of the carpet...I'm easier to clean than the carpet, and he's my kid so...may seem gross to other people, but you get used to it.
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    Quote from gpatry
    This is a pretty good topic, and I like the responses so far. I'm not so much squeemish as queezy. Blood, mucus, surgeries, needles... all that wouldn't bother me. Poop and vomit... sure to make me gag/vomit myself. I hope I can overcome it, but it's my biggest worry going into Nursing. I hope everyone will say the same thing... that I'll eventually get used to it. It scares me so much and it would be such a disappointment if that was my Nursing School downfall...
    I'm in the same boat as you! Smelly poop and vomit are what bothers me. I get my first taste of the bedpan cleaning when I start my STNA clinicals mid July. I've already decided to clog my nose with Vick's and fill my mouth with Altoid's.

    I'm really hoping what everyone says about getting used to it is true because I hate reacting that way. It is really frustrating.
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    I don't think there is anyone who can sit there and not be bothered by incredibly smelly poop LOL. Poop doesn't bother me too much but if it has a really strong and strange odor my eyes will water LOL.
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    I *HATE* getting shots and when I have to have blood drawn (or if I'm getting a Mantoux done or some sort of injection) I always have to look the other way...however, I can handle needles and give injections to patients and draw blood without any problem. The first couple of times you do injections, however, will be nerve wrecking! I did my first IM's at a flu shot could see my hand shaking before I darted that needle in - the poor patient! I didn't hurt him though and he said I did a very good job and it barely hurt but I was still very nervous! Now it is a piece of cake
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    Melosaur - Thanks for your message! It makes me feel much better to know someone else can't stand to look, but can give the injections and draw blood fine. I feel encouraged

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