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Im in first semester, I did horrible on my test yesterday. I need HIGH grades for my next test in order to move on. Can anyone suggest and books or testing techniques ? I really need some help guides, notes so I can make it on to... Read More

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    I used Fundamentals Success last semester and it helped. I also used an app for iPhone by Lippincott, called Taylor's Fundamentals.

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    Quote from gkash
    My foundations teacher just told us today that the key to her tests (and the NCLEX) is find the wrong first, narrow it down to those 2 right answers, and then pick the answer that is putting the care provider or patient safety a priority. So pick the saftey answer! I hope this helps
    Golden advice.
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    Make your own outline for each disease process. Talk out loud like your explaining the disease to someone!! Explain it to a family member (you'd be shocked at how your grandparents or whomever is quite interested in what you are learning). Get with groups if they work for you! Make sure the group stays focused though. I have tried groups twice and it's just a waste of time because we don't stay focused usually lol. Nclex Saunders is great. That's what we use!! My critical care instructor gave great advice today for select all that apply. Read each choice and mark true or false!! If its true, there's one answer!! Problem we all face usually in first semester is psyching yourself out. You know the answer you just question your own intelligence!! Do not do that!! Have confidence and underline any important info in the question. Study hard and try focusing on what's important for that disease process. Sometimes I think we get lost in the nitty gritty of text books when really what the focus is what are you gonna do if this pt comes in with this? What are you going to do FIRST? How will you educate them? Drugs, therapies, diet, signs and symptoms of a problem like a hypoglycemic attack! You got this! I failed first semester. I'm about to begin my third. It gets easier because you will eventually catch on to the critical thinking they emphasize!!! You got this good luck!!!!

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