How to prepare for 12 hr clinicals & 16 hr days

  1. I am still a pre-nursing student, getting close to 40 years old and hoping to apply this spring.

    The one thing that worries me the most about nursing school is the long days - clinical being 3 days in a row and each a 12 hour shift. I know this is what many nurses work once employed. I have never worked that long a shift, plus I will be commuting for at least 2 hours a day if I get accepted into a nursing program. Moving is not an option.

    How do I prepare myself for this? Right now I am working my way up to walking a lot - I set up a treadmill desk, but how do you go 3 days in a row and actually not feel awful, sore and exhausted?

    I am not employed now, and have been a stay at home mom for this increased level of activity is going to be really difficult. I am working on getting in shape, so I hope it helps and of course eating well and taking care of my body!
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  3. by   LOLA184
    Not sure what your employment is but if you work as a cna between now an the time you start your nursing program you will be golden! Its physically demanding but lots of hospitals and etc hire for per diem so you dont have to work more than once a week if you prefer. At my clinicals we spend an hour in the morning talking about our patients needs and care plan for the day, then spend about two hours doing am care and med pass then the teacher will send us to a breakfast break and then we come back check.on patients, document, offer help to.nurses or cna's then by then its lunch. My point is so far during my 12 hour clinicals they have had opportunities to rest your legs and feet, walking is a wonderful thing and dont be cheap on clinical shoes you only get one set of feet :-) best wishes !