Hey, what's this paper? ...oh.

  1. So now that I'm done with school, I've been going through and chucking out old paperwork. And what do I find folded up in one of my binders, the "Certificate of Completion" for my coursework in child abuse and maltreatment, filled out but never mailed.

    I completed this course over a year ago. And in that time I graduated and got my license.

    So, can I just fill this out and send it in? I mean, obviously the NY BON must know I completed this training bcs otherwise I wouldn't have qualified for my license. I'm kind of nervous that if I send it in this late, it's going to open a can of worms somehow. But I also don't like having loose ends, especially when I'm trying to organize all my certifications, etc, for my resume.

    So do you think it's better to just mail the darn thing a year late, or should I just fold it back up and forget it?
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