Going for Nursing, BMCC, City Tech, Mom of five

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This article is about my life starting college. A mother of five and getting into BMCC Nursing Program. Advices on BMCC Nursing Program and how to study. HESI Test, and City Tech. Back to my first Semester, I got three Aís and one A- in English. Dean list, honor society, I Was Happy! Ended December 23, 2012.

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    Going for Nursing, BMCC, City Tech, Mom of five

    I am a current Nursing student at Borough of Manhattan Community College. I live in Brooklyn, NY. I was a stay at home mother for 4 years with 4 children before I decided to go college. My children grandmother and their father have fill in the role I could no longer fulfill. I took free classes at Brooklyn Education Opportunity Center to prepare for the compass test in October 2012. During the math class I found out I was pregnant. I decide to keep going to school. After the math class was over, I when to City Tech to take the Math compass test, I passed. That took 2 month. Right after that the reading and writing class started at BEOC. I return to City Tech again to take the reading and writing potion. I did not pass the writing potion, but I passed the reading. That took three month.

    I decided that I will take remedial writing for the fall semester so I asked the counselor at BEOC if they help student with filling out the form for college, he told me the one in Manhattan does. I when to the MEOC at seven month pregnant to fill out my college form, the lady was so helpful she told me what to say yes and no to. She told me to click yes for programs I could quantify for. She said they may be able to help me with book money and tutoring. I listed City Tech as my first choose BMCC as my second, and Kings Borough as my third.

    In June 2012 I got an acceptance letter from BMCC. A week later another came for BMCC tell me about their summer immersion program and that I have to be there in 3 days to sign up for a free class which will allow me to take the test again. I was very pregnant and I calculated that my due date is a week after the program will end. My children are usually 2 weeks over due so I decided to go for it.

    I started writing class a week later and had a meeting with my family asking them for help with the home and kids. They all keep asking me why I could not wait, and all I could say is I canít. The class was great. The professor taught us what the test is about and how to think like writers. In the middle of the class we were given a change to take the test, half of the class pass and half did not. I did not pass. The professor review questions with us and give practice test. My problem with the writing test was the timing. I had to sit at the Professor desk because of my belly been so big and I could not see the clock. I was not finish with my essay and time was up. At the end of the class we took the test again with a different. I had on my own watch and I keep track of time by timing each paragraph. I Passed! I could start college with no remedial to worry about. I was overdue and my doctor made an appointment for me to go into labor and delivery after Orientation to be induced.

    My orientation was a week later. After orientation I took my self out to celebrate getting into college and to be ready for a new baby. I call the father and told him I am ready to go to the hospital now it was 3 oíclock in the afternoon. I waited for a bed until 3 am night at Brooklyn Hospital and I could not eat a thing. They put the medicine in and by 6 am I started having contractions. My doctor works on the floor that morning so at 8:30 am my baby girl was born on 8/7/12. I spent the most happiest two weeks I could with my new born and all my children because I knew on 8/27/12 college was starting for me.

    My first semester I had Math 104(Nursing Math), Psychology 100, Speech 100, and English 101(the same Professor from the summer). Nursing math was tough I fail my first test and after that I when into tutoring. By the way FASA paid for everything and I got into College Discovery which gives me $300.00 for books and they offed me the tutoring. I did my home work at school, I put the kids clothing out the night before, the same for dinner, and I left note for their father to read to them. I had a baby bed that you could put in your bed so, the baby slaps in my bed and I woke up at night to care for her. In October Pell send the rest of your money to the college and the college gives back the amount that is left. I did not get my money. I found out that the rest of my money was sent to Kings borough because Kings borough change the code saying I am a student there. I got my money in December but please make sure your backup school does not change your code.

    If you are a Nursing Student at BMCC and you have UDH as your major you have to be advice by the Nursing Department not by your Counselor or the other Departments. NO one told me this. You have to know the date of early registration because you have to see the Nursing Department for advisement a month before this date. You need to go to the nursing Department to make an appointment for advisement. Ones you have had your appointment than you can registrar for classes online. Early registration is very important for the Sciences they fill up fast. You have to be registrar for those classes before your first semester. If chemistry is open when you registrar your first semester TAKE IT. If you do not take Chemistry your first semester, you cannot take Anatomy and Physiology 1 the next semester. If you take Anatomy and Physiology 1 your 3rd semester than you have to paid to take Anatomy and Physiology1 in summer 1 or wait for your 4th semester to take Anatomy and Physiology 2. This may take two years for some people, Do Not do this. Get Chemistry your first semester.

    I was not aware of this. I did not have Chemistry my first semester and I cry think about how long it will takes before I enter the Nursing Program. A tutor form the nursing program informs me that if you have problems go and speak to the department chair. Find out what time he/she is in and be there before they get there. I was there I talk to the chair of the Anatomy and Physiology class in the Science Department and she explained to me how hard it would be to take Anatomy and Physiology with Chemistry together with my other two classes. I told her I can do it and I will live in the building if I have to. She looked at me and then asked for my information. She approved. There were no classes open when this took place so I check every day until a Chemistry class was open on January 17, 2013. I got the Chemistry but I had to show the paper to the register office for them to register me for Anatomy and Physiology. I also added Developmental Physiology and the only one left was writing intensive and English 201.
    Back to my first Semester, I got three Aís and one A- in English. Dean list, honor society, I Was Happy! Ended December 23, 2012

    My second semester was crazy, I had 14 credits. Begin January 27, 2013 I looked for bags that could hold my lunch, dinner, 4 big books, 3 reference books, 2 big note book and a binder but no such bag existed. I bought a suite case from Samsonite, it was perfect. Everything I needed fit in that bag. I left home at 9 am and came home at 12 am. The Learning Center has the BEST Science tutors. I studies with other students and nap when my eyes could not stay open. I taught myself chemistry just by reading the book, the professor is a good man but he was not a great teacher. BMCC has microwave which was great because I had not money to buy food every day. Whole Foods take food stamps which is where I went on days I had no readymade food from home. I knew the date is time for early registration so I made my appointment with the Nursing Department. I had all the prerequisite for Nursing so on my appointment I was told I could take the HESI test at the end of the semester. I requested loan in the spring, I used the money to pay for Anatomy and Physiology 2 class in summer 1 and statistics in summer 2. The statistics will go towards my Bachelorís Degree. City Tech is where I will be going for my Bachelor.

    I had one week after the semester was over to study for the HESI test. I got B in Development Psychology and Chemistry. I got B+ in English and A- in Anatomy Physiology. My second semester ended 5/23/2013

    My children Grandmother had a death in the family. Her sister lost her husband while he was sleeping. I call her Mom, because she is a mother to me. Mom had to step in and take care of her sister and with all that involve death. I had one day to study because of this. In the test I took the Anatomy and Physiology I got 78. I took the reading next I got 80, than I took the critical thinking next and got 880. Math was last. When I got to Math, the test was hard. I know I knew this but nothing was coming to me. I started to cry and just started choosing randomly. My Math was a 40. I knew I was not getting into the nursing program. I was told that the Critical Thinking is not part of the grades for your entrance into the program. DO The Critical Thinking LAST. The Anatomy and Physiology potion is to the point, is either you know it or you donít. If English is your second language then you may need to study the reading potion more. If you do not remember 6 and 7 grade math you need to get a GED book for this. When I took the test again December 2013 I used my old Compass Math book, GED book, and Anatomy and Physiology, and HESI book. I spend one week on each subject eight hours a day. I bought a McGraw-Hillís HESI A2 practice tests book which has 3 full length tests in it. At the end of the week I took only that potion in the subject. When I was done with all my studying I took 2 full length tests on two different days.

    On 123/13 I sat for my test. I did Anatomy and Physiology first and I got 73. I got 78 in the reading and 90 in the math, 80% over all. I did not get to finish the Critical Thinking, time was up. I got my call on January 7 2014 telling me that I made it into the nursing program.

    Back to 5/23/2013
    Anatomy and physiology 2 in Summer 1 was hard for me because I use books to study, my summer professor tough from his head. It was four days a week, three hours a day. There was no multiple choose, every answer needed to be written down and explain. I got an A- . Summer 2 Statistics was hard; I stayed in the math lab every day until it closed and until the college closed. I got a B+.

    I decided to transfer to City Tech on August 15, 2013. I was scared to take the HESI again because if I mess-up it would be my last change. I took Sociology 100 B+, I/O Psychology B, and Nutrition B+. I did not study very hard at City Tech for these classes because I was study for City Tech entrance test. Their Test is a lot harder for a person like me who had to take the compass three times before I could pass it. If you have been out of school for a long time this test cannot not be passed with a tutor or without sitting in a classroom a month before. It has chemistry, physic, grammar, biology, anatomy and physiology, math, and reading all roll-up in one test. I did not pass it, that is why I came Back to BMCC.
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    If you are a Nursing Student at BMCC and you have UDH as your major you have to be advice by the Nursing Department not by your Counselor or the other Departments. NO one told me this.

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    The HESI test at BMCC has a calculator. It makes things a little easier when you have to add big numbers. I used the calculator in my final steps only, which helped me a lot. You cannot go back to see the question before. Know your weak point and study those parts of the HESI. I will be taking microbiology in summer 1 2014. It is needed before one can take nursing 3 at BMCC. This class will cost me $750.00 not including books.

    My journeys to becoming a nurse begin after I received my call on January 7, 2014. I went to BMCC the next day to pick up a package with all the information. I need to sign up on the internet for nursing insurance which was $37.00. I did that right away. I needed CPR with AED, so I went online to American Heart Association to find a location. It cost $95.00 and it was an all-day class. I called my doctor office to make an Appointment. He needed to fill out the medical form and give me all the vaccines. I came to BMCC to buy my books in the book store. The BOX of books cost $354.00 + 3 more book outside the box which were on the require list added another $100 to my bill. At orientation we were given chapters that needed to be read before class started. The fitting was a week after orientation. The company came to the school and I tried on different sizes and told them what I wanted. They wrote down what I wanted and I will receive it in the mail in mid-February. $37 for tops and bottom, $59 for shoe, $50 for all the other little things, and $13 for shipping. It cost me $950.00 to start nursing. Have your money ready because you are going to need it when you get that call.

    At BMCC nursing is 8 credits a semester. You will not get TAP. It is one nursing class a semester. I will end up at City Tech for my bachelor so I looked up their course work and saw an adviser there. I have added a class from my bachelor nursing elective onto my current nursing class, adding my current credit to 11 for this semester. I will do this every semester until I finish my nursing at BMCC. If you go to the TIPS website you can see what credits will transfers to your bachelor. I will have 21 credits towards my bachelor degree at City Tech before I even start. I know now to have $700.00 read before every semester start. I will try to write about nursing classes at BMCC but I cannot promise. Take care my friend, I wish you well in your plans for nursing at BMCC or anywhere else.
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    Your an inspiration.