Formula for success: Rise early, Work hard, and Never give up! - page 2

Nursing Students! The struggle is hard but the rewards are magnificent. Keep at it - come back to if you see yourself struggling. Read our Nursing Articles if you need inspiration. ... Read More

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    that was my story many moons ago

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    This is a good one. I can't wait for school this Fall.
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    I have 2 semesters left ( fall and spring) and I will finally be done, I must say once your in the program you are so focused, the time kind of goes by very quick. But, you will be tested, many times you will want to give up. Looking back I'm glad it's almost over and I never knew what I was capable of until now.
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    thats awsome congrats im in school for my ma and I did well my first semester but my second I failed medical terminology and taking it over this semester
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    Thats day I will live my dream

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