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People in society generally focus on the negative gloom and doom, even in the presence of positivity, good news or favorable statistics. In fact, professionals in the field of psychology have coined the term ‘negative bias’ to... Read More

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    Quote from TheCommuter

    I know I might sound a little harsh here, but I sometimes get the impression that people take comfort in not owning up to personal flaws. As long as it is somebody else's fault (or something else's fault), some people feel reassured. For example, if someone repeatedly fails NCLEX, it is sometimes more comforting to believe that the exam is unfairly difficult, even when the vast majority of nurses educated in the US pass on the first try.
    I love this post (the original and quoted)! Reminding usp to stay positive AND take responsibility for our choices and actions. Commuter, you might just be my new hero
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    Thank you for sharing. I would love to read it again and again. We do need to focus on the positive.
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    Great article! I totally agree that some people focus only on the negative and not enough on the positive. I am an optimist myself and this just gave me more positive mojo to get through school/NCLEX! I'm a strong believer in acting the way you want to feel so if I want to feel positive, I'm going to act positively!

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