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Hello, I am in the RN program. I worked very hard to get in and was one of the thirty nursing students selected out of 400 applicants. The program I am in is just so overwhelming. I thought that if I could make it in and beat... Read More

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    My program is the same 78% or else lol. I"m in my second year, my first year was hell, teachers always trying to break you down and see where your weaknesses are and if you have any they will find it. stay strong study hard and you will make it. PS get used to feeling like you don't know anything when in fact you do. good luck.
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    my favorite way of studying involves concept maps and/or the nursing process. break down every disease following the ADPIE system, and you will know it well enough to pick the most correct answer out of all the correct answers. also, remember maslov's hierarchy, physiological needs before emotional needs. the ABCs! people need to breathe before they need their antibiotic.

    i also find it very hard to READ everything without some sort of project while reading. so, i make outlines, answer chapter questions. if you can answer those, you have a good concept of what they are going to ask you.

    and i have mild panic attacks every semester when school starts that i'm not going to do well enough. just keep fighting through it, and eventually, it will be over.
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    I graduated in May of this year. It was one of the most rewarding days in my entire life! Not everybody can get through nursing school. It's not for the weak. When you think about quitting, just try to hold onto the feeling of how great it was to beat out those other applicants. I would not recommend working for awhile. I saw one of my friend's bite off too much and she failed out. Just take it day by day. Make checklists of your assignments, schedule in study time every day, and do not procrastinate.
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    And yes-- panic attacks and overwhelming anxiety is common. Make sure to schedule in some exercise time. :-(
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    I've started going to the student gym during my lunch hour. I can get in 2-3 miles on the tread mill & take a shower, eat a yogurt & a banana and still manage to get back to class on time. It's helping my stress levels as well as making me more alert in the afternoons. Great way to break up an 8 hour school day!
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    Thnks for this, this is also my first week and I thought I was by my self in the anxiety dept! I freak out when I drive to school, freak out even more when I leave class cos of all the info I had to absorbed. I still hv to work full time for now cos I hv no support whatsoever. Anyone know of any govt programs/loans/aids aside from fafsa? I applied for a govt loan but its taking forever and I really want to cut down on work but I can't :-( .
    But all the same thanks for the advice, never used a planner before but will def get to work. We will succeed!!
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    I used to kind of 'wig out' on my Med Surg and Pharm exams...because my school decided to put MED Surge 1 and 2 and Pharm 1 and 2...TOGETHER! It would take a good 10 minutes for me to simmer down and I'd have go over the first portion of the test and correct my mistakes. LOL
    Funny thing is, I don't have test anxiety issues and never did until I went through nursing school.
    I wasn't the only one, either. The first week of Med Surg and Pharm, the class was so quiet and attentive you could hear a pin drop.

    I'm gonna level with you OP.
    Y'know - there are people out there who are dumber 'n dirt and they make it through nursing school.
    Not only do they make it through nursing school? They pass NCLEX and go onto practice.
    ...and we get to hear about these and their latest hijinks every day from the lovely nurses of this website. LOL

    So --
    If they can do it? YOU can do it.
    If you didn't have what it took? You never would've made it into that school...
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    and it's very important you still do things for yourself, exercise, go out with friends. it seems like you are wasting your time because you are not studying, and that might raise the anxiety a little. but, if you don't take care of yourself, you won't focus as well.
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    I'm working on better stress management. My BP is way higher than normal since I've began nursing school I hear that after about 3 weeks it gets better, I hope so...
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    Hi all. Just an update. I did pass my practicum. Took me two times and we only got three but the important thing is I passed. I am on cloud 9. Very happy. One obstacle out of my way and I'm ready to overcome the others.
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