Final nursing Semester, study tips?

  1. I am finally in my last semester of nursing, I have about 2 months left of school as well as a Midterm, test #3 and final. I am getting worried because I had low scores on the first 2 exams. I have failed a semester before, not because I didn't know the material but anxiety. I had never experienced test anxiety until nursing school, I know many others go through the same. The clinical portion is a piece of cake and I love it, but the tests just kill me. I get so anxious I actually don't even remember even taking the test and answering the questions. Any tips, on studying, test taking skills, or just an input, I really need some help!

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  3. by   hodgieRN
    I think your anxiety is coming from the fact that you have failed before. You have to let that go and truck forward. Since you have failed before, that is looming over your head with every answer on the test. First, get your confidence back. You've made it to your final semester. Some people don't go that far. You have proven yourself this far and you have the ability to finish. And, you got here after being knocked down. Some people can't even recover from that. Attack your studying head on and take your exams with attitude. Do whatever you need to get your confidence back.

    Don't let your anxiety overcome you. Practice relaxing techniques. If you are taking an exam and become overwhelmed, let go of the mouse or pencil and stretch. Wipe your eyes and sigh. Then go back when your head is clear.

    When you get your test, look at and assess the questions...either the paper or monitor. Get an idea of what you are in for. If you can't answer a question, move on and go back at the end.

    Don't rush the exam. Finishing first isn't an assessment of how smart you are. All that matters is finishing the test before the time is up.

    Finish your studying 24-48 hrs before the exam. Use the last 24 hrs for skimming and quick reviews. If you are still cramming the night before, you aren't prepared.

    Learn how to answer the question right. See my post....just failed my exam