Final exam on thursday!

  1. 0 im in my second to last semester of nursing! My final is on thursday monring, and im finally starting to feel the heat. Ive done nothing but prepare for this exam, but with nursing school .. you constantly feel like you can never prepare enough. This final will focus a lot on cardiac and cancer .. with less wait on questions such as diabetes, renal, hepatic, respiratory ect. She has given us a list of chemo meds she wants us to know. Any suggestions on preparing? tips? words of advice on test taking? I can know the material up and down, im not a strong test taker :/

    anything helps! thank you
  2. Poll: whats the most effective way to prepare for an exam?

    • Practice nclex

      37.50% 3
    • group study

      25.00% 2
    • re-writing notes and flash cards

      62.50% 5
    • reading the text book and notes

      25.00% 2
    8 Votes / Multiple Choice
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    I don't have any advice, but wanted to say good luck! I'm taking my final this morning too.

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