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I've got it bad! So does the rest of my cohort. We are graduating in May and everyone looks like a zombie, only with less energy. With application season coming up, how are the other soon-to-be-graduates coping with senioritis?... Read More

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    It's bad. It's been bad all year starting back in Sept. when I seriously thought about quitting, but I'm still here, trucking along, and I really want to be a psych nurse, so I'm putting up with all of the crap I don't care about to meet the end goal. Smile and nod, and act like you have some life in you. LOL

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    Yes!! I graduate in April and only have two papers left haven't started them yet. My classmates and I are also trying to take better care ourselves since the dark bags under our eyes wont help us in job interviews. We are almost there
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    Good luck to you all graduating soon! 4 months to go for my class. Luckily, my last semester falls in summer so the length is shorter, but I know the work load is going to be cruel!

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