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Hi. I'm a male attorney with eighteen years experience, my undergrad was in physics and math, and I'm just now applying to nursing schools. I'm primarily interested in BSN programs. Are there any resources, templates, etc... Read More

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    To the OP, you mention that your interested in either a MSN or PA program. I'm wondering if with your JD and all the academic hours that requires if you could go directly into an accelerated MSN program. Just out of curiousity, what was your undergrad degree in that you earned before your JD? I think that if you got into an accelerated MSN program it would accomplish a few of the goals that you mention. In an accelerated MSN program you will earn your BSN during the program and when you graduate with your MSN you will be able to be a NP or CNS in the speciality of your choice. If you are really interested in PA school then you should pursue it but I wouldn't suggest getting your BSN just to become a PA because as other users have said the nursing model and medical model to advanced practice are very different.


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    I am an attorney and just earned my BSN last month. I plan to someday incorporate my legal training in my new career, but for now I want to invest several years just working as a nurse and gaining that experience.

    In about 2 weeks I will start a new job as a graduate nurse and I live in the metro NYC area. Yes, the market is saturated with new grads but I just want to be an example that it is difficult but not impossible to get a job. Remember the networking skills you learned to get a job in law? Use them, they apply in nursing too.
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    You're looking at 2 different pathways here. On the one hand, becoming an RN in certain markets is tough to get into but I think that depends on what your general or specialty practice is and the part of the country you are in. The key is getting your first 1-2 years of experience. I broke into the nursing field when DRG's were first introduced and the hospitals were afraid to hire too many nurses. I still got a job and that was because I worked as a student aid during school and was hired by that same hospital.

    If you are ultimately interested in being in advanced practice there are many jobs out there...also depends on where you are and what specialty. The demand is going to greatly increase for Nurse Practitioners in the future because doctors are more expensive to hire and ARNPs can do most of the same work for less money. Hurry up and apply though because ARNPs are going to need a Doctorate to enter practice soon. PA's typically have a post-bachelor's degree and not a master's. Good Luck!

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