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I just wanted to know how many people make it through the first semester at your school. At mine it is less than 50% according to previous classes. Is this usual for ADN programs? I am still... Read More

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    I'm not sure what our school's drop out rate is, I can only tell you about my class. We started this semester (first semester, freshman year) with 115 students. We only have 100 chairs in the lecture hall, so we had 15 students sitting in chairs in the aisle. Well, as of this past Tuesday, not only were there NO ONE sitting is chairs in the aisles, but there were several empty seats. I realize some may have just been absent, but this was an exam day!!! I know of several that have dropped out, but I would guess that we are down to about 90 or 95 students already.

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    In our program you have to take A&P before you get into the Nursing program. I am in my last semester of pre-reqs and taking A&P right now. It's hard for me to understand why people don't pass the exams. I have 5 kids and a very busy family and I also volunteer during the week.
    I have 4 A's and I am two percentage points away from getting an A in A&P. I'm as busy as anyone yet maybe I just want it more. Our ADN program accepts 56 students every semester so I'm hoping to get in next fall. We'll see what the drop out rate is then!
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    Well after our 3rd test we are down to 37. We started with 55 or 60. One of my professors in another department just told me that 6 of the people in my class read below a 9th grade level based on the test we took our first day. Now they're talking about raising the admission standards. Duh. It's not such a mystery to me anymore. I think if you work hard and want it, you will be an RN. Those who don't won't.
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    I started my nursing clinicals in January of this year. I started with a class of 30. By the end of the semester we had a total of 25 left to take the final exam. Only 18 of those passed the class.
    We entered this semester with 18 of us left. This semester has been broken down into two 8 weeks sessions. When we took the final exam for the first 8 week session, we were left with 9 of the original class.

    A lot of students fail because they don't put the time needed into studies. Some dropped because they couldn't handle the stress of nursing school. One dropped because of her bad attitude. Personally, I was glad to see her go because she also had negative things to say to classmates and the instructors. If things did not go her way, she would get up and leave class. She was down and she was bringing the rest of the class with her. When she dropped, things brightened up in classes.

    Nursing school is no joke. It's stressful with all the studying and assignments. It's stressful because money start running out. But like Doularoz said earlier in his post, if you want to be a RN and you work for it, You will become a RN. If you don't study and dedicate your life to it, you won't make it.

    But what has helped me get to the third semester? I pray everyday that the Lord will strengthen me to make it another day. I pray that God will allow me to recall what I study before tests and for his will to be done. He knows my desire to be an AWESOME RN and be able to touch the lives of the patients that I come in contact with.

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