DHHS Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Nursing Scholarship Program

  1. i originally posted on may 18, 2010, "wayne state university, det waiting for response," i was not accepted to the college of nursing program here at wayne state university (wsu). since then i have been working toward a bachelor of science in dietetics at wsu, this would allow me to become a registered dietician (rd). i have or will be soon taking organic chemistry i and ii, statistics, organizational behavior management, and three semesters of spanish; some of the more challenging courses here.

    the salary for a rd is not as high as an rn and the job openings are not as great, concluding i need to continue my education. i have though about enrolling into a physician assistant program after my dietetics degree, i would have all the pre-course done, but would need to the gre exam. personally, the pa program and taking the gre are not really appealing to me. i am desiring to become a nurse, so, i am wanting to matriculate into a second degree nursing program. the question is, how do i finance it i will have used up most of all my subsidized and unsubsidized federal lone monies, and more impotently, i will not be eligible for more undergraduate monies.

    i have discovered the us department of health and human service (dhhs), health resources and services administration's (hrsa) nursing scholarship program (nsp), my questions are:

    1. has anyone been fortunate enough to get this scholarship?
    2. any recommendations for applying to this scholarship?
    3. any other suggestions to financing a nursing program as a second degree?
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