Dependent, independent, interdependent nursing - HU???

  1. What does this mean? I need to make a distinction between the three, but have no idea what this is - it isn't in my book or notes. I looked online and apparently it is a common distinction in nursing, as there are a number of sites that explain that nurses need to be able to practice dependent, independent, and interdependent nursing, but not one of them explains what that means. Please tell me if you know, but if you are just making a guess please don't post it - I can make a decent guess, but want to make sure I have the exact meaning for the test. You know how those tests are...

    Tweety - surly you know! Thanks in advance everyone...sick of studying...grrrr
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  3. by   Momto3andNurse2B
    Here's what I found in my lecture notes (I knew it was there somewhere):

    Independent nursing interventions (also referred to in my book as nurse-initiated) are the autonomous actions of the nurse, and based on the nursing diagnoses and client-centered goals.

    Dependent interventions require the order of a physician. (Referred to in the book as physician-initiated.)

    Interdependent interventions are the result of multi-disciplinary collaboration or consultation. (Book calls them collaborative.)

    Hope it helps.