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Hi everyone! I would love some advice on how to deal with this. My nursing class (ADN) has made a facebook group that is private only to us so that we can ask each other questions about material, class, etc. Lately, though... Read More

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    But as a nurse, she will not be allowed to just do whatever she thinks is best for patients in terms of injecting them with urine instead of vaccines. She will have to follow the standard of care. Don't worry about it. In fact, don't even think about it!

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    Quote from Esme12
    WHAT!!!!!!! Injecting yourself with urine....Okaaay. I have heard some strange things but that one is new. will always run into unusual people in life. That is what gives life interest.

    Wow...that is a good one....but as long as she doesn't start injecting patients ignore her. We have all stuck out feet in our mouths and chewed up to our hips...fortunately we didn't have social media.

    It's deleted you said your peace...we got your back....
    Right, I'm sitting here trying to figure out just what kind of injection. IM, IV, SQ? Do they like...boil it or something beforehand? Whiskey tango foxtrot...
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    I would almost ask the person who set up the page or class president, if you have one, to post something like, "Please keep posts related to the course material or class-related topics. Please keep opinion and controversial topics to your personal pages." Something along those lines. But then again, I'm sure this girl (and it's just LOVELY to think she's going to be a nurse caring for people) is oblivious to how controversial her posts are.
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    Oh, ugh....
    Ignore, ignore, ignore.
    We have several who apparently never listen in class and spend all their time on fb asking questions (about meeting times, counseling appts, etc) when if they'd listened in class they would know.
    Ignore, ignore, ignore.
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    @Runbabyrun All of us are "moderators" for the group, so we are all about equal in terms of editing or anouncing in the facebook group. I thought about saying something or asking someone else to, but i think its all more trouble than I need. I'll just ignore it all.
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