Class smart vs. clinic smart - page 2

Help! I'm having trouble with confidence in clinicals. I do great in the class portion but once I step on to the hospital floor, all of a sudden I feel lost. This is my 2nd semester of classes &... Read More

  1. by   Kuniklo
    I feel the same way so you're not alone. I'm an A student but on the floor I get all jumbled up. For example, I practiced Foley and NG tube stuff a million times in lab and had it down pat, but as soon as I had a real patient in front of me my brain froze.

    But it does get better the more you do it. At first I was afraid to even say hi to a patient and ask about how they're pooping and peeing, but by the 4th patient it was no big deal. You gain more confidence the more you practice. It will come with time