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Class Selection (opinions, suggestions welcomed)

  1. 0 Ok, here goes. I have a recently obtained BA in Communication (Fall 2008) and by January finalized my decision to be a nurse. Having a BA, most of my classes as you would probably guess are not science-oriented. I received Bs in my college science and math course(s), however, in high school I received mostly A's (AP Biology and Human Anat & Phys.) in my science classes and one B in chemistry. I begin my prerequisites June 2nd and will take Human Anatomy w/Lab and a computer science class.

    With the given information about my academic background I need help planning out the rest of my semester pre-nursing school.

    So I was thinking...

    Fall 2009:
    Human Anatomy and Physiology II w/lab
    Medical Ehics/Ethics
    Intro to Chemistry w/Lab

    Spring 2010
    Intro to Organic Chemistry w/Lab
    Intro to Human Nutrition

    Summer 2010 - APPLY TO NURSING SCHOOL???:icon_roll

    Your assistance would be greatly appreciated!