Best NURSING DIAGNOSIS for High grade fever caused by VIRUSES? Best NURSING DIAGNOSIS for High grade fever caused by VIRUSES? | allnurses

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Best NURSING DIAGNOSIS for High grade fever caused by VIRUSES?

  1. 0 What could be the best ND for high grade fever?

    Is it Ineffecive Thermoregulation, Imbalanced Body Temperature, Alteration in body temperature [ not in NANDA ] ? I am having a hard time ...

    I thought at first it was HYPERTHERMIA but hyperthermia occurs when the body is producing heat more than it can dissipate, and the thermoregulation is the hypothalamus is normal.

    During viral infection, There is an increase in the thermoregulatory set point due to the endogenous pyrogens or cytokines thus increasing the body temp.

    What could be the best diagnosis for this kind of fever?
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    Honestly, I would chose Risk for fluid volume deficit, rather than one specifically talking about the temperature.

    As one of my instructors once told me, always pick a diagnosis that YOU can act on. There are nursing interventions I can do to prevent dehydration...but there aren't any interventions to make the virus go away.

    I don't know though....might not be a good idea if your instructor wants one that deals specifically with the temperature.
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    I will present 3 ncps.... I already did dehydration and pain...

    last one accdg to priority will be FEVER.

    I chose the diagnosis of

    Imbalanced body temperature R/T Elevated Thermoregulatory set point secondary to endogenous pyrogens.

    for my dengue virus case..

    Is my priority correct ? rehydration first, then.. PAIN , then the fever?