Becoming a CHHA

  1. Hey guys I recently got accepted to nursing school and will soon be working as a CHHA. I wanted to ask if this experience will be relevant to nursing school and will it help me in obtaining skills useful in a nursing career?. Some topics we will learn about in the CHHA course are things like 1) Bathing and cleaning patients, 2) Personal Hygiene, 3) Dressing Patients, 4) Transporting/lifting, 5) Medication reminders, 6) Setting up patient beds. I personally feel these will be good basic skills to learn and will prepare me for fundamentals in nursing and basic CNA skills. I'm hoping to transition into a CNA or PCA later on b4 becoming an RN. Any former or current CHHA's out there? If you'd like to share your personal experience as a CHHA that would be great as well.
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