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I am currently in a BSN program. It is small (about 80 students junior/senior 95% women). I like school, but I can't wait to have this program behind me!! I was just wondering if nurses are as... Read More

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    Quote from xtxrn
    Women are women are , yes. Some places seem to be worse than others (when I moved back to IL from TX, I was appalled at how "sorority house" it was...made me want to puke and find some adults. There aren't grades to compare, but you can count on finding out who's husband got a raise, how kids are so advanced compared to every other kid, who has the smartest dog, who got what certification with the highest score, etc..... It does seem to get better the longer out of school people are, so there's hope that in about 20 years, things tame down But most places aren't horrible work experiences. Hang in there- you're getting to the end- and school has stresses you won't find after graduating (of course, you get a whole new set of stressors- but it's still better than school- or was - I graduated in 1985- lol- so my frame of reference is from then).

    Thanks, I know it feels like such a sorority I'm doing by best, can't wait til graduation!

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    ya, I hate that feeling of cliqiness I hope your new job works out for you!
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    Quote from Mindy_Leigh
    I believe that merely depends on your set of classmates and your set of co-workers. You're always going to have people with insecurities everywhere you go and sometimes, that spouts into competition/cattiness to make themselves feel some type of self-worth. You seem to be doing the right thing! Focus on you and that's all that matters. They are the type of people who'd love to see a slip-up and especially if it'd help them out. Don't let them get the best of you. I know it can be annoying, but many of those nurses won't succeed in various areas due to their can definitely be a setback. Disassociate yourself with them as much as you can. Maybe you'll luck out and get a workplace where all the other nurses are helpful and kind to one another.
    Thank you, that helps a lot! It feels like high school again, but I'm doing my best to get through it!

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