Anyone From the Denver Area?

  1. Hello, just wanted to see how many people are in or going into the Nursing program in the Denver Area.
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  3. by   lilshamrock
    sorry about posted twice...
  4. by   Sunnie
    I'm currently in the Denver area and attend Community College of Denver. I'm currently doing my pre-req's and should be going into Nursing school next Fall.
  5. by   traumarns
    i live and work in denver. graduated from ACC's fast tract lpn-rn program last year.

    have worked a few of the hospitals, can give you advice which hospitals to steer from when doing your clinicals, if you have a choice of clinicals at ccd.
    we always had a choice of 2 or 3 hospitals per rotation.
    pm me and i would be glad to talk to you.

    good luck to you.