Any Triton College Fall 2012 Students

  1. hey guys- just looking to make a few friends, study buddies/groups in advance.

    my name is ann marie and i am attending triton college for fall 2012 and from what i'm told by the past/current students, we will need each other.

    just looking to start up a new thread (since all the ones i find are 5+ years old) where we can interact about the necessities of our physical and immunization requirements/getting a study group together/just getting to know each other before the school year starts/etc.

    i am also looking to buddy up with someone for clinical rotations. unfortunately, all of my friends were accepted to spring 2012, so i am partner-less. i am crossing my fingers for the a01/a02 schedule, so if anyone is interested in that, let me know.

    feel free to use this thread however you want.

    super excited for school (for the first time ever) and excited to meet all of you!!

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  3. by   charitynaf
    Hi! I will be at Triton in the Fall as well. How is the summer going for you so far? I am trying my hardest to enjoy it, since from what I understand, there will be little time for fun soon. What did you think if orientation last month? Did it instill fear in you the way it did to me?
  4. by   ahnmuhree
    my summer has, so far, been spent at lots of health clinics. i'm not gonna lie- orientation was a little overwhelming considering the deadlines are sooooooooo strict and a very short time frame. i think that the health forms were a bit ambiguous considering all the questions we had to ask. they’re kind of all over the place, but luckily i found a nurse from the tb clinic that was very familiar with the triton forms, so it’s been pretty easy. i’ve saved a ton of money by going to the free/low-cost clinics, rather than to my doctor. has your process been smooth so far?

    i also think that the current students that were at orientation were trying to stress the fact that it's not a cake walk, but at the same time, i've spoken with the new graduates and they've told me it's not as bad as they were told it was going to be (aka that the "toughness" of the program was a little inflated). so i'm not really sure what to take from that. i appreciate both sides so i don’t walk into this with just one expectation.

    i do feel a bit on the hectic side because i'm scrambling to get everything finished before the end of this month. i'm just really crossing my fingers that i get the schedule i want!! do you know what your first choices are?

    i think the time gap from the time we turn in our forms until the start of school is going to be our only free time. i’m thinking about throwing myself a going-away party to tell my friends and my social life goodbye for the next 2 years.
  5. by   charitynaf
    My mother in law is a nurse, so she helped me get all my stuff done at the hospital where she works. I will get my second tb this week and hope to turn my paperwork in next Monday. The deadlines were very specific. It seems like we just have to keep jumping through the hoops, which is kind of what I expected.

    I chose the A schedules, because it works the best with my husband's schedule and taking care of my kids. But I know that you have to make due with what you get, so whatever I'm given will be fine. I also signed up for the Math for Meds on Tuesdays. How about you?

    Have you looked into getting books yet? I'm not even sure the book list is in yet, but I'd like to get a head start if possible.

    Did you sign up for FNA at orientation? What about supplies? What did you/are you buying?

    I'm so glad you posted on here. It will be great to have someone else to bounce thoughts off of. I look forward to hearing back from you, and hopefully meeting you soon.

  6. by   ahnmuhree
    i'm glad your process is running smoothly too! i got my 2nd tb test done today, get it read thursday and have my tdap done thursday as well. so my plan is to turn my forms in this thursday as long as everything continues to go well.

    i chose the a01/a02 schedules- hoping for the best because they seem to fit the best time-wise. i also signed up for the math for meds- actually just did it today. i am so surprised that there are only 10 of us enrolled in that course!! i was kicking myself for not doing it sooner (thinking i wouldn't get a spot) until i did it today and realized that hardly anyone actually signed up. i'm not bad at math, but i could use any help i can get!!

    i am actually calling the bookstore tomorrow to check on the books and also the uniforms that i ordered back at orientation. have you heard anything about when we're supposed to get a call to come pick our uniforms up? i know the books weren't in stock at orientation either, but i just checked the online bookstore and it says they're available now...? i'll be sure to let you know what i hear.

    i didn't sign up for the fna because i didn't get enough information about it at orientation. i was trying to find out more about it but haven't really had the time to research. did you sign up by chance?

    as for supplies, i'm ordering a stethoscope pretty soon. i have a lot of family members in the medical field and i'm told don't cheap-out on it, so i think i'm going with a littmann. i've used the lightweight one in the past and it worked really well, so i'm leaning towards that one. pretty affordable considering the name- if you're interested, go to it gives you a listing of online sites that are authorized vendors for littmann. the lightweight stethoscopes run somewhere around $40-$45 on these sites (ex: hm international, steeles) and they're warrantied for 2 years.

    besides that, i haven't made any moves to purchase anything else. have you bought shoes for clinic yet? i know they were very straight forward about them being all white- i'm trying to find something that isn't hideous, but also practical. easier said than done. once i get the health requirements done this week, i'm sure i'll be on the hunt for everything else. i'm so excited for this fall to begin, but, at the same time, needing all the time i can get between now and then to prepare and just enjoy my last few minutes of 'free-time'.

    i'm glad you responded to me! i was starting to think i was the only one (from triton) that actually uses this site!! i just used so many postings to help me get an idea of what to expect, so i figured there had to be someone out there from triton besides me. plus, it will definitely help to get your opinion and input while we prepare for this. if you have any questions, concerns or whatever, just shoot me a message- i have this linked to my phone so it tells me when i get a message/response/etc.

    thanks for responding! i'm sure we will be meeting very soon!!

    ann marie
  7. by   charitynaf
    i am really surprised about the math for meds, too. i mean, i'm not too bad at math, but i figured that any help i can get would be a good idea. i could not believe that no one has signed up for it. hopefully we will have a leg up i calledthe bookstore yesterday, and they told me that they do not have any booklist info yet, nor do they know when it will be coming in. i'd kind of like to get ahead start on the reading. i have two small kids and i am a bit concerned with the time commitment. i know i can do it, but anything i can have finished in advance would be great.

    i did sign up for the fna at orientation. i always like to get involved, and felt like it couldn't hurt. i am also an officer of phi theta kappa, so being in both can help me to bring those two groups closer together. fna is having a picnic on the 21st at noon. even if you are not a member the email invite i got said you could come. it might be a nice way to get more info about what we are in store for. if you are interested i can give you the address.

    my husband ordered me the littman classic ii steth, and i also got a penlight and medical scissors already, because it seems to be the consensus that they are a good idea. i didn't get shoes yet, but i'm leaning toward sketchers. i think they are pretty comfy.

    i was beginning to think the same about triton students not using this sight. i am so glad that you are on here. hopefully we can help each other through, especially if we get the same schedule.
  8. by   ahnmuhree
    ok so here's the latest from the bookstore as of earlier today-

    the uniforms are in, but only partial orders. if you ordered a lab coat or clinical jacket, they have not come in yet. the scrub bottoms and tops are in though. they would prefer we pick up the whole order and will be calling us in the next few weeks to pick them up.

    the books for nur130/135 (same books for both classes) are available also. i asked about the math for meds book and they have that as well. i'm going to be there this thursday to turn in my health forms and will probably purchase books then, so if i run into any problems, i'll let you know.

    i am interested in the fna, so if you could possibly give me the info on that i would greatly appreciate it. and you're also a ptk officer? wow- i'm feeling slow lol. i will hopefully meet the requirements after this fall semester- my current gpa is 3.43- ugh.

    i didn't think about the penlight and scissors- i will definitely add those to the list! also, i stopped by a skechers store (north ave and cicero ave) a few weeks ago and they have sooooooo many choices- anywhere from lightweight to non-skid. while i was there, they were having a buy-one-get-one-50% off sale, and the associate said that sale should last quite some time and prices should be dropping pretty soon for the whole 'back to school' sales. i'll probably end up getting 2 of the same pair and save 1 pair for when i destroy the first ones.

    i'll be sure to post again thursday/friday and let you know what i come up with after stopping by school.

  9. by   ahnmuhree
    just an update-

    i dropped my forms off today and spoke with tatiana. she said that the bookstore probably sees the stock from the previous semester's list and not to purchase anything until august. the book list may be updated/changed and the finalized list and books will be in at the beginning of august. long story short,don't buy any books yet!!!

    other than that, for now we just play the waiting game until august for our class schedules and rotations.

    the anticipation will kill me between now and then.
  10. by   charitynaf
    thanks for the info about the books. i'm glad i didn't try to get them yet. you saved me a trip. here is the info about the fna bbq. i just copied and pasted the email. if you are going, let me know. hopefully we could meet there or something. it would be great to meet in person.

    hey everyone!

    just a quick reminder that there will be a bbq get together that we are preparing for the nursing students.

    it will be on july 21st from 12 noon to whenever

    we will have food and refreshments. please feel free to bring any dish to pass around and/or bring anything that is on the ff list:

    - hotdog
    - burger
    - hotdog and burger buns
    - condiments
    - cups
    - plate
    - plastic silverware
    - chips
    - sodas
    - water
    - juice boxes
    - charcoal, lighter fluid, lighter
    - water balloons (filled

    if you can bring or think of anything that is missing on the list, feel free to "reply all" to this email and let us know.

    we will have fun activities set up for everyone to do and enjoy such as:

    - badminton
    - frisbee
    - bags
    - volleyball
    - etc...

    this is a way to get to know your fellow nursing students and also answer any questions that you might have concerning the nursing program.

    if you do know any other students that are not part of the fna yet, please inform them about the event and this is another chance for them to sign up and be a member of this group.

    please join us for a day of family fun.

    location of the place:
    - 26th street woods in la grange park
    - take 17th or 25th avenue heading south
    - the woods is located in between 17th and 26th

    click the link below for a map of the location

    for 4th semesters
    - there will be information packet that is going to be handed out about our graduation and the pinning ceremony.
    - remember, you must be a member of the fna to participate in the pinning. we want to make this a memorable event for all of us so please we encourage you all to be involve.

    this event is not associated with triton college

    thanks in advance and hope to see you all there!!!!!
  11. by   ahnmuhree
    thanks for the fna info!

    i'll be sure to let you know if i can make it!!
  12. by   ahnmuhree

    i got a call today from the bookstore- the uniforms are in.
  13. by   charitynaf
    Great! Thanks for letting me know. I didn't get a call, but I'll be there Thursday turning in my health forms, so I'll swing by then. I should be getting my stethoscope delivered any day now, so I am feeling more official, and I'm going out with my mother-in-law to find some shoes next Friday. I just keep checking things off my list.

    I hope you can make it on Saturday.
  14. by   ahnmuhree
    i got my steth in the mail yesterday. i did a reevaluation and decided against the lightweight and went with the classic. got in engraved since i don't want it 'walking away' if you know what i mean.

    i'm still up in the air about saturday due to prior plans, but i'm leaning more towards going.