Any Other ITT Future Nursing Students for Fall 2011?

  1. Hi, I'm a single parent, in my early 40's & I'm anxious to begin my 'third career'. You're never too old to start over :-) I'm currently waiting to find out if I made it into ITT Tech's ADN program starting in September. I'll be attending an Ohio campus. I passed the HESI entrance exam already. Are there any other ITT future nurses expecting to begin Fall 2011 on here?
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  3. by   PWoloszynek
    Hi there! Are you going to the Strongsville campus? That's where i go. i'm from the summer class- the 1st class ever at that campus.
  4. by   KaylaRN2013
    I go to ITT Tech in Huntington, WV. I am starting 4th qtr in 2 weeks.
  5. by   eager2bnurse
    Hi, PWoloszynek and KaylaRN2013! I am starting at the Warrensville Hts Ohio campus next week on Sept 12. I'm attending the Orientation tomorrow morning. I'm so excited! Unfortunately, my employer is not willing to be flexible with my time so I'll try to continue working until the end of this month by using my paid leave time and then resign in October. I have about 3 mos of savings I can live off on until I find a more flexible, part time job. And you know what? This doesn't even put a damper on my excitement! I refuse to allow anyone or anything to come between me going to school and receiving my nursing degree :-)
  6. by   nursingstudent_

    ITT’s nursing program is the absolute worst not to mention ITT’s other programs. I have never read, seen or heard anything positive about anything ITT has to offer. If there is something out there, please tell me about it. Students pay Ivy League school tuitions (maybe a little exaggeration, but it sure feels that way) for a subpar education. ITT started out as a technical school which focused on computer degrees, etc. this is ironic because half the time our computers were not functional, the network would continually go down, the instructors have no computer experience, and the overhead projector wouldn’t work, so forget about PowerPoint presentations (which are the instructors’s lifeline, because most teachers were worthless and couldn’t teach their way out of a paper bag). This is a for profit school, ITT does not care about the students only $$$$. ITT credits do not transfer so if a student plans to pursue a BSN, the student is out of luck. ITT is a 23 month program (without prerequisites) and my student’s loans will be over $50,000 for an ADN. ITT’s Associate program costs more than my Bachelor’s degree, which took 4 years to achieve. However, ITT just announced ITT will have an online program for their BSN program (how convenient for ITT), which I am sure will be another $50,000. As a result of ITT’s reputation and lack of accreditation, I was unable to find an externship, let alone a RN position at local hospital. The ITT career services are jokes…do not waste the time. For example, the ITT career counselor brought in a local nursing agency for recruitment. Wow, thanks that contact will be useful after I have been licensed and worked in a hospital for year. It’s a state law genius:smackingf. The ITT counselor also told the students that as new RN graduates, he would be able to get the students traveling RN positions. Seriously, the minimum requirements is two years hospital experience, but the requirement is more like 5 years hospital experience. ITT is relatively new to the area and since ITT is not accredited by the state, hospitals will not hire ITT students and hospitals thinks ITT is a joke of a program. The $50,000 I have paid includes tuition, fees, books, etc., but it does include ITT scrubs and lab coat which cost $150 which each student is required (NO EXCEPTIONS) to pay out-of-pocket because for some reason ITT is unable to add that to bill…Someone please explain that one to me.. ITT’s headquarters is located in Indianapolis, Indiana and so is the uniform company….little nepotism maybe. The uniform is horrible, it looks I am a chef and I should be asking “want fries with that?” Students are required to wear a white top, navy pants and white shoes. White is the worst color possible to be working with patients (name that body fluid stain and I have to get my uniform professionally cleaned weekly to remove stains, and have it pressed, because students will be inspected at clinical site and if a student does not pass inspection….students will be sent home and students are only allowed to miss one clinical and if a students do miss a clinical and is unable to make the one make-up day scheduled at the end of the quarter, students will fail the course and have to repeat it. Ching Ching, more money – just add that to my ever-growing student loans. Clinical requirements at ITT: Be on time, smile, wear an impeccable uniform (hint I bought an extra top in case I spilled something and students were assigned to clinical sites out of town for 2-3 days in a row), bring school badge, stethoscope, penlight, pen, bandage scissors, drug handbook, care plans, paperwork, any assignment, hair pulled back neatly, pressed scrubs and go light on the make-up (if applicable).Things to leave at home, bad attitude (LOL, harder than one may think sometimes), wrinkled or dirty scrubs, visible piercings, tattoos, perfume, jewelry, large earrings, dirty shoes and cell phone (leave in car). If a student fails to bring anything listed or fails inspection the student will be sent home (this would be considered a no call, no show which means an automatic drop from the program – no exceptions unless the student is the teacher’s pet. Ching Ching, more money. If a student fails more than 2 classes during the 23 month program, the student is automatically dropped from the program. :redpinkhe Kiss all that money goodbye. When I started ITT, I had to pass an entrance exam which I thought it was no big deal, because an entrance exam is standard in most nursing programs. Anyway, in order to pass a course a student had to make a 70% or better, which is pretty generous since most nursing programs require a 75% or better because on the NCLEX a 850 is passing which converts to a 75%. However, ITT changed the requirements just recently even with students with one quarter to graduate – now all students have to have an 80% to pass the course. I can understand if ITT wants improve the program (it needs it), but how can a school change the rules in the middle of a game? Answer is $$$$.The more students ITT has depending on ITT for a degree ITT can do whatever ITT wants (students are basically held hostage financially. I am investigating this because it seems unethical. Current students should be grandfathered in!!!! In most reputable colleges, once a student commits to a degree plan, the requirements to obtain that degree does not change even when changes are made and/or if the student doesn’t graduate from college for 10 plus years for example. The only thing that is subject to change is the cost of tuition and different textbooks. A degree plan and a syllabus is actually a contract (READ THE FINE PRINT), because ITT do not take either document seriously. ITT changes its rules like the weather.
    ITT charged me $450.00 for my nursing bag, which is bright blue and looks like a cheap carry-on piece of luggage. The bag contained a stethoscope which looked like a kids toy (whom I gave it to my kid for a Halloween costume) and it didn’t work anyways (probably cost $5.00). I got a blood pressure cuff which actually worked no complaints….lol. Also, the bag contained a glass thermometer (who uses a glass thermometer anymore), maybe its throwback to Florence Nightingale. At the moment I am unable to recall what else was included, because maybe it was so useless, it has been sitting in my garage for the past two years. Another out-of-pocket expense. Students are required to purchase their own malpractice insurance it was about $35, not expensive, however it’s the principal because most nursing programs pay that fee for the students. When I started ITT, all the students were told that clinical sites and schedules would be given a month prior to the quarter, at local hospitals (in the metro area), during the day, and no weekends. ITT is new to this area, so the local hospitals are filled to capacity with nursing students whom attend established and accredited schools, so ITT got what was left, which were nursing homes, rehab centers, and rural hospitals (that had a capacity of approximately 20 patients depending on location, students were lucky to have one patient). Every location was out-of-town. So be ready to pay for all travel expenses, which include gas, tolls, food, hotel (if needed) and anything else one may need. Another thing not mentioned. The actual clinical schedules included days, evenings, overnights, and weekends. At times we were at an out-of-town clinical site for 3 days; students had a choice of driving back and forth over 75 miles each way, which is quite expensive because of gas prices, from campus after working a 12-hour shift and doing the same thing the next day, or getting a hotel room. When is student supposed to be able to properly study if the student is driving at several hours every day? Too bad if a student is married, has kids, has a job, or has other obligations. ITT COMES FIRST – remember that saying, because that is ITT’s answer for any dilemma a student may have occur while enrolled at ITT. Sometimes students were scheduled to work until 11pm one night which was in one town and expected to be at another clinical site at 6:30 am the next morning in another city. Also, don’t forget to study for that test or assignment that was just given to the class the day before, the syllabus does not mean a thing. I look at the ITT syllabus as a living document, not a contract as it should be, because it is ever changing whether it is a schedule conflict, instructor’s whim, mistake, and any other reason for a change. ITT does not care about its students, for example, two of my immediate family passed away (not at the same time. Thank goodness) while I was in school at ITT. Since ITT nursing program is a focused on healthcare, one would think that compassion would be important to the ITT Nursing Chair, and ITT instructors. Think again, $$$ wins again. These were difficult and unexpected deaths, as it would be for anyone. The only thing ITT cared about was getting a copy of funeral pamphlet (at this time I am unable to recall the proper name…uggh brain freeze) and the obituary so it could be placed in my file. Thank goodness my relatives that had passed had the same last name as I do, otherwise ITT may have required me to have the funeral procession swing by campus so ITT personnel could inspect the bodies. So insensitive! As always, when I think I have seen it all, ITT always finds a new way to make the student’s life harder than it should be. I already mentioned that a student could only miss one clinical – no exceptions. In regards to lecture, if a student misses more than 3 consecutive classes the student is dropped from the class. If a student wants to succeed in nursing school, a student realistically cannot miss more than 1 class let alone 3. I only missed class in extreme cases. I had to schedule funerals around lectures and clinicals, because I did not want to take a chance.
    ITT would be a great idea for a reality show. It has all requirements of a successful reality show: sex, money, drugs, betrayal, and deceit. Well if I end up having to use my ITT uniform, I am already got the uniform to flip some burgers, since my student loans are going to deplete any future income. Maybe I will continue to keep going to school until I die, so I will not be destitute. Anyway, ITT is full of drama. I feel I am back in high school, even though the trouble-makers are women in their 40’s and 50’s with a bunch of mean girls, drama queens, clicks, and gossiping –this not only students, but instructors, staff, and directors. For example, students can’t tell person with authority at ITT in the strictest of confidence, because it will be public information by the next day. Other things ITT has to offer is teachers sleeping with current students:kiss (no ethical issues there!), interesting this one student not the sharpest tool in the shed, but somehow he was able to have an affair with a married instructor, suddenly had an “A” in his classes, but somehow failed every mock NCLEX exam miserably. The President knew all of this and let it continue, because this student is just so valuable to the program in her eyes. Also, he was emailing out the exams to his friends in the class, holds an office in the student association and in the National Honor Society. ITT ignores allegations of teachers giving out exams and turns a blind eye since the exams are given to their favorite students. Also, ITT has no issues with subjective grading and evaluation, for example the students had to rally together to be able to see their own exams. At one instance the students protested to have the tests regraded by another instructor, and as expected the less-favored students grades improved greatly, it was a Christmas miracle. Why would an instructor keep the actual exams locked away if everything was kosher and had nothing to hide? The location I am associated with has gone through several Nursing Chairs and ITT is trying to hire the next victim and this is only in the last 2 to 3 years. If ITT gets a good instructor, the instructor doesn’t last long. Either the instructor will not tolerate ITT’s ridiculous policies or particular students will basically run the instructor’s off. At the ITT campus I attend, basically the tail wags the dog. If an instructor is too hard (basically makes the students study and earn their grade) these particular students will complain until the teacher resigns or gets terminated. These students adore the instructor that gives out the actual exam or basically does a test review that does not require additional studying because the “test review” leaves no room for imagination to what going to be on the exam. Hey I like good grades like anyone else, but is that instructor going to be there when the student takes the NCLEX? At ITT grades are just a number, because ITT’s grades have no real meaning because ITT’s grades are not a true and accurate indication of what is the student’s actual knowledge of the topic.
    Wow that felt good to vent!!! Very therapeutic. I am hopeful that everyone reads this will reconsider attending ITT. Run Forrest Run…as fast as you can!!!!!! If this rant can save one person from grief, sorrow, regret, outrageous student loans, insanity, and heartache, then I did one good deed for the day. Isn’t that what good nurses try to do? I have so much more to say about ITT, but I am brain dead at the moment. If anyone has anything else to ask, just reply to this post and I will gladly answer.
    Good Luck to All!
  7. by   KaylaRN2013
    I'm sorry you had such a horrible experience.. But honestly I love going to ITT. Everyone at the school where I go genuinely care about the students. I have no overnight or weekend clinicals and they are done at prestigious hospitals in my area. A few people in my class have already been told that they will be hired by those hospitals after we graduate. It is expensive, but it's nobody's business how much I pay for my education. I think whichever school you attended is just a bad egg of the group.
  8. by   eager2bnurse
    Dear I hate ITT-BEWARE,
    What campus and in what State do you attend ITT, if you don't mind me asking? I read your 'novella' and I pray that whether or not we made the right decision to attend ITT, hopefully, it works out for the better!
  9. by   nursingstudent_
    I can't reveal what campus I attend, I am graduating and I do not want any problems. If you are in Ohio, that's not the campus I went to. I wish you the best!!!
  10. by   eager2bnurse
    I understand. The reason I asked is because my campus is having some of the same issues as yours. I also wish you well especially since you are about to graduate. :bowingpur I sincerely hope that everything works out for you. Keep us posted on your journey. Thanks!
  11. by   CardiacKittyRN
    There is an ITT in my area also that I considered attending before I chose the CC I am at now but after I saw the fine print - CREDITS ARE NOT LIKELY TO TRANSFER... I was outta there! I don't understand why anyone would pay money to go to a place where your credits are basically worthless to other schools..

    Sorry you had such a bad time there.. good luck & congratulations on graduation!!

    OP- Hope your experience there is a better one that i_hate_itt's.. good luck!
  12. by   KaylaRN2013
    Just because one person is bitter doesn't mean it's a bad school.
  13. by   itt.nursingstudent
    Did you have to pass the exit HESI with 850 before they would let you graduate?
  14. by   itt.nursingstudent
    Did you have to make an 850 on the exit HESI in order to graduate?