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Hi Everyone! I am starting in January (yay!) and have been looking at all the apps available for my Iphone. Do any of you have a favorite or one that you feel has helped you a lot with your studies? Thank you!... Read More

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    Quote from Momofzra
    Thank you all so much for the great advice! I will be looking into all of these. Are there any sites that you have found that are helpful when you are studying? How about books? Sorry to be so "nosey", just trying to be prepared.
    The [Nursing] Demystified series outlines and sums up difficult concepts in a brief spread. The books are divided into different subjects like: Fundamentals, Medical Surgical, Maternal Newborn, critical care etc...

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    Fantastic! I will look into getting that series. Thank you so much!
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    One app that I like, as a practicing ED nurse, is IV Drips by jonsap. If that particular one isn't avaiable through Apple, I'm sure there are similar ones.

    It's a good way to check your 'med math' calculations.
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    These were the 20 top clinical apps for nurses in 2012 (Scrubs Magazine):
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