Any ADN Nursing Students Starting this fall and attending Schoolcraft class of 2015?

  1. Hello I was just wondering if there is anyone starting the ADN Program This Fall at Schoolcraft College. Just thought we could introduce ourselves since we will all be going through the program together the next two years.

    I am Kelly super nervous and excited to begin in the fall. I think I am more nervous to see how my little ones adjust to me going to school for more than one day. LOl
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  3. by   kmcoz
    Hi Kelly! My name is Kerry and I am also starting this fall and like you I am super nervous!!!!!
  4. by   kpetit
    Hi Kerry, nice to meet you, sorry it took so long to get back with you been tied up enjoying the kids before the semester starts and getting through Pharm, lol I am getting impatient waiting to see when they will assign us what class we will be in Now that we got all of ACE passport info and such It is hard to believe it is all going to start soon.
  5. by   kmcoz
    Enjoy the rest of your summer I can't believe we start in 4 weeks! After the open house last night, it's starting to feel real!!
  6. by   kpetit
    I Agree, It hit me last night too You enjoy the rest of your summer. Who did you end up getting? I'm in Lloyds class.
  7. by   kmcoz
    I'm in Lloyd's class too )
  8. by   kpetit
    That's great, I know quite a few of in there. Excited!!!!!!
  9. by   kmcoz
    I'll look for you on the first day of class Enjoy whats left of the summer and good luck on the first reading assignment!
  10. by   kpetit
    Sounds good You enjoy whats left of summer too. Yes the reading assignment that there are no books for yet, lol
  11. by   kpetit
    Hi Kerry, did you get the email from Mrs. Lloyd. Happy Reading See you next week
  12. by   kmcoz
    Yes I did! Looks like we are going to be doing a whole lot of reading in the next 15 weeks! YIKES...but I'm ready...I think...LOL
    Happy reading to you too and see you next Thursday )