Advisors Not Recommending National University Nursing Program- LOW NCLEX

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    I am working on my pre-requs to apply for nursing schools. I was all set to apply to National University, when two of my advisors who are on University Boards of Nursing Panels and Faculty (one in CA the other in FL), told me to definitely NOT apply to National because of their NCLEX pass rate. Anyone out there who has taken the NCLEX at National? Anyone know of hospitals not favoring National Nursing Grads?

    I am deffering to my advisors right now and taking the impacted state college route, but I wanted to put some feelers out and see what others in CA have experienced. Thanks!
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  3. by   RLJS
    I'm currently attending NAU in Kansas City, Mo and am scheduled to graduate this quarter. Our school has only been in existance since 2007 but it has a high NCLEX pass rate and the graduating classes prior to us have not had any difficulty securing full time employment upon graduating. If I had the opportunity to do it over again though, I think would have opted to go to a 4 year BSN program. The accelerated program covers way too much information in too short of a time period and the clinical experiences are not long enough and leave a lot to be desired. The school has difficulty attracting and retaining good instructors, clinical preceptors, and clinical sites.
  4. by   jhill85
    Thanks you for your honesty about the pros and cons! Clinicals were the other thing I was wondering about, as I know how important they are for the hands on experience! Would you mind keeping me posted about how your NCLEX goes and how quickly you find employment - since you are so close now?