Advice on soon-to-be grad for LA nursing??

  1. 0 Hi, I am getting ready to graduate from my ADN this December and am planning on TRYING to find a graduate nurse position in infamous LA (ive read the horrible stories about jobs there apparently). No, I do NOT have a 3.99999 GPA w/ honors, etc. etc, etc. but am a 25 y/o old male with 6 years military service in the USAF and have spent 5 years as a nurse tech and the last 2 as a SNI-Nurse Intern in an ICU (essentially LPN w/ ability to do chest tubes/central lines/IVs, etc.). Coincidentally my current hospital is offering me an ICU RN position after graduation but I cant stand Wisconsin winters anymore! My GPA is about a 3.0 and I have excellent letters of recommendation from my instructors and unit manager, but I think the edge I would have over other new grads is my working experience and service. Anyone have any thoughts or advice??? Thanksss
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