a question about the FACT nursing program at Thomas Jefferson Univ. in Philly

  1. Hi there, everyone. I am an incoming student in the fACT accelerated BSN program at Thomas Jefferson University, and I was wondering if there are any current FACT students who utilize this forum. I had one specific and kind of involved question about FACT: does anyone have the list of textbooks for the first quarter/term of the program? Thanks to a very generous relative who works as a nursing professor elsewhere, I have an angle on obtaining free textbooks as desk copies. This is great news, but it's also time sensitive, since most textbook publishers require some lead time to send out textbooks, and at this point neither the nursing school at Jefferson nor the bookstore have been able to give me a list of titles.

    If anyone has this information, please respond and let me know a way to get in touch.

    Many, many thanks in advance!

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  3. by   soccer
    Congrats on getting accepted into TJU FACT program. Hey, I will see you soon b/c I got accepted also. If you find out what books we need earlier, could you pass that info on. I want to look for used books online if possible. Any money I can save will be a blessing.

    Thanks so much and see you soon!
  4. by   IrishIzCPNP
    It's possible the list isn't available yet. Sometimes the decision about books is made not long before the class actually starts.

    I had a class last year where the book was decided on about a week prior to class starting. Most people did not have the book on the first day of class because they decided so late.