A fellow college student needing some advice

  1. Good day everyone,

    I'm just a recently-graduated high school student who now attends a CC due to its cheap costs in pursuit of completing the LVN program, and then the LVN-RN program afterwards to get my ADN-RN. However, I recently learned that for a full-time student who doesn't have to worry too much about working full-time, paying for the house, etc., it is best to get a CNA license first, experience health care through a part-time job as a CNA, and then head straight for a BSN program at a CSU/UC. I am hesitant which route I should take. I'm also unsure which CSU/UC nursing program is best to take. Opinions will be quite appreciated (= Thank you

    (a) LVN program->LVN-RN program->RN-BSN program
    (b) CNA program->part-time job CNA-> BSN program
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  3. by   KatieJ91
    I didn't become a CNA before nursing school and I am doing great in the program. Actually, the majority of my class was not a CNA prior to nursing school. My step mom was a nurse so I had some exposure to the demands of the job.

    If you do not have to work full time, etc. I would go straight for the BSN programs. Contant the school because most schools allow you to get your CNA licensure after your first quarter of nursing school. I can't remember if you have to take the test or not though because you are passed off on skills in school. That way you could work as a CNA while in school.

    Either way if time and money are not an issue I'd go for the BSN. I am in a ASN program right now.