3 semesters down 1 more to go!!!!!!

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    WOOOHOOO! Last day of class in my Lpn program! Took my final & made a 99 on it took Ati mental heatlh made a 74 which gave me a level 2 ended med surg 3 with an A! Ive never been an over achiever, im the avg c = nurse kinda girl but i guess after failing out of Rn school back in 2011 ive been on redemption mode every since! Oh well 3 week break til summer/final semester(ob, mother baby & med surg 4) & STICK A FORK IN ME B/C I'lL BE DOOOONNEEEE!😭😱! Then boards which im started studying 4 this month so i can take as soon as i get my ATT! Hang in there FUTURE NURSES, WE'RE ALMOST @ THE FINISH LINE!👏🎉🎊

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