20 more days 2 GOOOOO!

  1. 1 Yeeeeesssssss! Lawd i hope these next 20 days GO BY FAST! I will be FINISHED with my Lpn program! Ati ob this thursday & final on monday & then starting med surge 4 with 3 test, ati med surge & then the ati predictor test! About to really crack the whip on my nclex studying so i can take it, pass it(pray to God i do) & start working. Its been a loooooonnnngggg time coming @ im glad this chapter is about to be finished & closed. Hopefully this time next year i'll be getting ready to start my bridge program & obtain what i FAILED two years ago & thats getting my RN. The light is getting brighter & brighter i gotta pur my shades on!
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    Congrats, gurl! You got this!
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    Go Girl!!!

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