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At the BSN program I currently am enrolled in, the school's grading policy is as follows: A = 95 - 100 A- = 91 - 94.9 B+ = 88 - 90.9 B = 83 - 87.9 B- = 80 - 82.9 C+ = 77 - 79.9 C = 73 - 76.7... Read More

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    Rice that is a tough scale. Yikes.

    I have the same scale as the original poster, but one point lower in all cateorgies. (Thank goodness, I just made a 94 in my Western Civ class squeaking out an A.).

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    ADN program here

    85-92 B
    78-84 C

    78 and below failing.

    Tests count 80% of final grade
    careplans 20% (but you must have a 78 or above for them to add in your careplans for your final grade...if you have a 77.4 or below and you have made 100's on all your careplans you still fail)

    Clinicals and Check off's are on a pass/fail basis.

    We have to pass a pharm test each semester and the passing grade goes up with each semester. This past semester it was 80%, next semester will be 85% and so on.

    the only complaint that I have about the grading scale is this:
    If I pass with a 92.4 that is a B on my college transcript
    but if I fail with a 70, I still get a C on my college transcript when in reality it's not a C but an F by the program standards, because the general college scale (usual ten point scale) is lower than the program grading scale.
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    92-100 A
    83-91 B
    75-82 C
    Below 75 failing
    Clinicals and skills lab pass/fail

    ADN program - All my pre-req classes were on a 90,80,70,60 scale...easier to get a 4.0 but my nursing class is a little better than some of these so I won't complain too much

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