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I got into nursing because I (naievely?) believed I would be helping people - and they'd apreciate it. Instead, as a CNA for 3 years in a SNF, hospital adult/teen/pediatric psyche, and acute level oncology unit...and now an RN... Read More

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    "Nothing that goes on inside should be about the nurse"

    This is very difficult to do as we are human too....

    My thoughts to this nurse is to find a way to get out before life get's int he way. I am here for 36 yrs, done just about everythilng there is to do in Nursing and it get's no better ...

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    why should it not be about the nurse?
    Don't nurses deserve safe, rewarding work conditions?
    Nurses ARE NOT martyrs!
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    (I am the OP)

    I am so grateful for everything you have all posted here in reply. I know I needed to vent. When I vent to friends, coworkers, or family...I often feel guilty about my honest feelings. I don't feel judged by anyone but myself.

    FYI...some background on me: I work in a SNF, full time, swing shift, 6 months experience as an associates RN. I have a BA in Communication from '02, I'm 32 y/o (nursing is a career change for me) and I start my BSN next year. I thought I would be smart to tough it out 1 full year at this job so my resume looks good and this may make it easier to get a different job, like in a clinic or hospital, or....?

    I know I am LUCKY to have a job in this economy and region (Portland produces a LOT of nurses annually). My managers are kind, easy to talk to, and my paid time off is awesome (18 days a year paid). I know I have some good things going here.

    Knowing that I am not the only one who feels this way at times makes me feel a LOT BETTER. I'm always so excited to get my shift done and go home. This bugs me. I got into nursing to HELP people and share my love and compassion for life, not be desparate to get home every second.

    This is how my shift is........ I get there at 2 pm, get report and create my brain for the first hour, then pass meds and do treatments for anywhere from 11-14 patients until 10:30pm. The WHOLE time I am racing against the clock to slam the meds and bust out the treatments and finish in time so I only have to stay an hour or two late (ie. til 11:30 or 12:30 usually) typing my prog notes/faxing docs/charting fluids/bla bla. If I am lucky, I have completed everything and not made any med errors!

    One thing I can say I do like about that every shift brings something new, I am ALWAYS learning, and I move around a lot. I know I can switch to different areas, and I am now thinking of revisiting the OR (I did a rotation there in clinical but oddly, MISSED the pt contact!)

    Thank you all again for your thoughts. :bowingpur
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    I posted something similar a few days ago. I also worked in a SNF with 15-25 patients at a time. I understand what you mean about "beating the clock".
    So, I woke up yesterday, went to my work and dropped off my immediate resignation.
    I do not care what they might of think of me. I do not care if I am looked at as a "wimp". I decided that if I hated being there, I did not need to be there. It was not fair to the patients or my family. I would come home depressed and my days off were wasted with thoughts and anxieties about going to work or things from my previous shift.
    For some people, having 15 patients is not a big deal (or they feel they have no choice), but I notice EVERYTHING (okay MOST things). I would notice all of the med errors and the sick patient that had been laying in bed for days that really should be at the hospital. The admissions that were not complete, the new skin conditions from lack of care, the call lights that take 10-15 minutes to answer, the meals that get served cold because there are too many people and not enough staff, the diabetics that have crazy BS because they are not monitored like they should be, The MARs that have so many errors that I was scared to follow them. The list goes on and on.
    I would talk to my supervisor about the problems, but nothing was done.
    I do not know when State, Medicare and/or facilities are going to realize that more than 10 patients is too much. Even the 10 would depend on acuity, diagnosis and meds.
    Maybe years ago it was okay when post-op, post fall patients, and other SNF patients only had a few meds. But how can anyone expect one person to pass 10-20 meds per person and complete all treatments on 15-25 people. There is NO WAY to do this legally (i.e. in time window, with all "checks" and "rights"). Plus take care of all changes in conditions. I am SOOO over SNFs. I am glad to be walking away with the hope that I will better nurse because of it; even if that means a pay cut (or no pay at all as I am now unemployed).
    Those facilities are often "jokes" and something needs to be done.
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    yes....something needs to be done
    I am amazed at some of the conditions out there!
    As long as people just "take it" or "get used to it", it will never change.

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