Working Conditions

  1. I was talking to a friend I went to school with and was shocked at how her hospital appears to use/abuse their nurses. So, I was wondering if hers is a rare circumstance, or if she has common working conditions and if my working conditions are just amazing.
  2. Poll: Which Apply For You In Your Workplace?

    • You draw your own labs b/c lab doesn't

      18.18% 2
    • You have to call your supervisor to get meds you don't have, b/c pharmacy doesn't tube it up to you

      0% 0
    • You have no aides and must do all your baths, vitals, I&Os, etc. yourself

      9.09% 1
    • You have to transport your own patients when they need to go somewhere

      27.27% 3
    • Your schedule is created for you and you don't decide what days you work

      27.27% 3
    • You have at least one aide on the floor

      45.45% 5
    • You make your own schedule and only get tweaked once in awhile

      54.55% 6
    • You are floated to other floors frequently and you're not a float pool nurse

      27.27% 3
    • You work nights

      63.64% 7
    • You work days

      45.45% 5
    11 Votes / Multiple Choice
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  4. by   franciscangypsy
    Even though on nights, we have to transport our own patients ourselves, it's not until 2200 or 2300 that transport goes home, so up to that point, we can concentrate on our patients and not on taking them places.