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Okay, I know that the surgeons do the actual delivering to the O.R., but who drives them to and from the airport? I've heard some of the surgeons tell exciting and harrowing stories of their driver going the wrong way on the... Read More

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    Oooh I just had my last day of orientation this weekend & got to see a organ harvesting surgery- it was so awesome!! Anyways, this topic was brought up by some of the docs- we had the heart team fly in via private jet, and the other teams say they usually go via ambulance with lights, and sometimes the donor services company drives (fast).

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    When I worked heart transplant, the heart never left the surgeons hands (or cooler) after he harvested it. They travel in copters, ground support and yes even a cab depending on the weather. Usually our life support air/ground transport picked him and the harvested organ up. If they were all away on calls, we've once had security drive to the airport to pick him up.
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    Interesting. I just ran across this: Quicksilver has a medical delivery service - http://www.qec.com/medical.html

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