when I'll be ready to work in the nursing pool

  1. I worked part-time at my floor for 15 months after graduating from nursing school and got used to the routine and work responsibilities of my unit. Now there is a full time position in the pool opening up and I'm tempted. I'd like to work three twelve hour shifts instead of random four or eight hour shifts as a part-timer. I also would like to enjoy my other weekend off instead of trying to pick up every weekend to get some hours.

    Sounds great! but I'm a little bit nervous about floating to different floors adjusting to different routines. I have not done any admissions and have not talked to many doctors since the charge nurse on our floor does those. Going to the pool means that I have to sink or swim. What if I do something wrong? what if I don't like the new job?

    Just wondering when you know you'll be ready to work in the nursing pool. thanks in advance for any insights.