What should I expect from my preceptorship?

  1. I am a senior nursing student in a BSN program. We start our preceptorship experience next semester, which is my last semester and then I graduate!! My 3 choices are: CVICU, ER and med/surg, but I don't find out exactly what I get until just a few weeks before it starts. I'm just curious what should I expect from my experience? Is there any specific preparation I should do beforehand? How can I make the most of it? Any and all comments are welcome.
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  3. by   classicdame
    You want to experience as much as possible, so ask your preceptor to help you find learning opportunities, even if they are with another nurse. Ask plenty of questions, especially if what the staff is doing is contrary to what you were taught. Be careful, though, that you do not sound critical. You just want rationalize as to why things are different. The staff does not want to be judged. On your first interaction find out where to locate resources, like drug & lab references. You want to learn why this diagnosis led to THAT lab or RX. If possible, try to get a handle on how that nurse manages their time. This is a difficult concept to teach, and you might need input from several sources till you decide what works for you. Good luck.
  4. by   NursePati87
    I would suggest to keep a personal journal with you throughout your preceptorship experience...on this you may want to write down goals that you want to accomplish for the day and week (for example for the first week you may want to learn how to admitt and discharge a patient on your own of course with the supervision of your preceptor)...this will help you organize yourself as well as your thoughts...remember to pace yourself so you can learn as much as you can (for example you may want to shadow your preceptor as well as orient yourself to the unit and staff on day 1 so you can get your feet wet and then on day 2 you can take on the total care of 1 patient and increase your patient load as you see fit because by the end of your preceptorship you should be able to take on the same patient load as you preceptor)....and in case you see this hospital as a future employer for you this is definetly your time to shine!!! You want to build a relationship with the nurse manager because he/she will be the one making the hiring decision...also I would suggest to get recommendation letters from your preceptor and other memebers of the unit whom you work alongside so that you may use this for new grad internship programs..by the way CVICU seems very interesting...hope this helps

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  5. by   steelydanfan
    1. You should expect your preceptor to be receptive, friendly,and attuned to your learning needs and goals.
    2. You should present your preceptor with a list of your goals you want to meet during your preceptorship, and refine them with her input. This will be GREATLY helpful to her during your program.
    3. Try to act as an RN as much as possible. By that I mean, take charge as you are able. Come to report with a plan, don't wait for your preceptor to tell you what to do. Discuss it with her, and reformulate as needed.
    4. This is a 4-6 week program. Build on blocks of knowledge, and don't think you have to do it ALL now. Do what you can, ask questions, and LEARN.
    5. Do NOT abandon your assigment to see something just because it's interesting, unless it is germane to your patient group. I will get a lot of flack for this, but you are there to learn about the pt. care continuum. Your follow-through is ESSENTIAL. Seeing the outcome of your interventions and reassessment is what THIS course is all about.