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What is my PROBLEM? As a new grad I went to critical care for 2 years; from there, I went to public health for 4 years. I was somewhat bored with public health and always thought about the bedside, but loved the normal hours... Read More

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    If you don't have to go back to nursing, don't do it.
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    I think I hear a little something more in your post, OP. Are you bored at home? Are you depressed? Not being nosy, just wondering if there's more of a personal/marital/family something going on.

    If you can handle it, I think moms need to be home with their little ones as much as possible. That means doing what's right when you factor in YOUR family's finances, temperament, total picture.

    I think it's good, generally speaking, to work at least a couple of days per pay period or per week. If you can find a refresher course, maybe you'd take that. But do psych yourself and make sure that your restlessness is just that and nothing more. You could get some counseling or talk with a couple of people you trust, sound this thing out with their feedback.

    We all change over time. Our needs and priorities change. Nothing wrong with that. Maybe you're just not really cut out to be a SAHM full-time. Recognizing it is good. Not all women find their greatest fulfillment in being mom and homemaker - especially these days. It's not wrong to not. It's just another thing to have to figure out.

    What does your husband say?
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    Thanks for all of your comments and personal stories. It really helps to hear what other nurses think and what they have been through.

    I think you are right, I am missing nursing. A lot about it. Including the recognition. I think I will keep my eyes open for something nurse related that looks interesting and can be part time!

    Loo hoo: Thanks. Good luck with your decision.

    Goldberry: Your story helps. I don't regret the time I have spent with my kids either, but I have a feeling I would regret going back just yet and missing these years with my kids. Especially my youngest since my older is in school.

    Kooky Korky: Don't get me wrong, I love being a stay at home mom, but I am a bit saddened that I have let my skills go. I wouldn't want to miss these years. Especially the younger, formative years with my kids. It just seems like my friends who are nurses and are moms have it made by working one shift per week. Or registry now and then. I realize I can't do that now because I've been away from the bedside so long...My husband says stay with the baby until he starts school. I agree, but still would like the best of both worlds. An occasional shift where my mom could watch the baby and pick up my daughter from school.

    I can see it now though. Getting back into nursing and then saying "what the f*%k was I thinking?

    Thanks again everybody.

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