What kind of Nurse do I want to be? What kind of Nurse do I want to be? | allnurses

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What kind of Nurse do I want to be?

  1. 0 I am graduating next year and I do not know what kind of nurse I want to be. There are so many different fields to get into. I was trying to find a website that explains what the descriptions are for each type of nurse...emergency, critical care, med/surg, but couldn't find one! Can anyone help? I was told by one nurse to go onto a med/surg floor for at least a year after graduation before making a decision on a specialty. On the other hand, another nurse said she went into critical care as soon as she graduated. I think that is something I may be interested in but was looking for some advice....
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    Do something until you hate it then move on to something else. Eventually, you will find a role that you love and fits your personal needs. This may be your first job or your 25th job. That's just my 2 cents.