What does a non-reactive Hepatitis B titer mean? What does a non-reactive Hepatitis B titer mean? | allnurses

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What does a non-reactive Hepatitis B titer mean?

  1. 0 Hi! I'm going to start nursing school this fall and when I got a titer drawn to check for immunity for Hepatitis B, the result I got back said non-reactive. I was expecting a postitive or negative titer and have no idea what is a non-reactive titer. Does this mean that I am not immune?
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    i am assuming you had the vacciene?

    you need to have a booster for Hepatits B, followed by a recheck of your titer in about 2-3 months. If you still test non-responder you are most likely immune. Some people do not respond by making titerable levels of antibodies for Hep B, but the CDC has tracked several of these non-responders who have had needle sticks and other bbf exposures and they do not develop Hepatits B. If you still do not respond after a booster, you will be considered a non-responder. Many hospitals (where you work) will insist on giving more boosters, they won't hurt you, but they won't turn you into a responder either.
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    Thank you so much Katie! Yes, I have had my series of the vaccine already but the last one I got was in 1994. I'll go ahead and get a booster done and will notify the nursing school of my results. Thanks again!
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    I had a hep b antibody titer done and it came back non-reactive and borderline. I was wondering if it meant i was immune or not. My clinicals start soon and they have a freeze on scheduling my classes.