What do you think you're worth?

  1. 0 When negotiating a salary on a new job I have been invariably disappointed.
    I have been an RN for 15 years and am now working per diem (I now get to say no to overtime and call)and am making $24.75/hr-no benefits of course. My best friend has been teaching people how to use computer software for the last 7 years and makes $85/hr with benefits. My 22 year old nephew is apprenticing in a machine shop for $21/hr.
    I am an excellent nurse, have great relationships with my patients and co-workers, have always had superior reviews and invested my time and money into learning to do a better job and I have volunteered my services to the community. I am told I am near the top of my earning power and that if I want to earn more, I just have to work more. The problem is is that I am 45 years old and I don't have the energy or willingness to do the work I did at 25- and the work has changed and gotten harder. I think I am worth more. Can you give me some feedback?
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