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It’s January, and the December graduates from nursing school will be taking their NCLEX exams, looking for jobs and starting those jobs (if they’re lucky enough to get them!) in the next few months. That means that the ICU is... Read More

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    nothing is easy ! Life is hard .
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    I am printing this out and hanging it on my mirror! It seems to be the kind of advice a guy likes me needs to carry with him everyday and everywhere, not just into the unit for my first days.
    Thanks Ruby your my kind of nurse
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    Interesting to get insight into the eyes of a more experienced nurse and their views of the new grads in the ICU. After only two years in the PICU after graduation (and here to stay) we have not hired any new grads, but there are some coming this summer so I will be keeping this story in the back of my mind the entire time.
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    Thank you for putting into words the many thoughts that have been going through my head for many years!

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